Delicious Summer Snacks for Your Pet!

Delicious Summer Snacks for Your Pet!

Your pet deserves a fun summer treat to beat the heat. Although we need to be careful not to overfeed our loved ones a snack once in a while is always a good idea.

Below are some delicious summer snacks worth trying.

 Peanut butter banana ice cream

This one is a family favorite at our house. You can blend up peanuts in the food processor or use peanut butter then add frozen bananas and fresh plain yogurt. Once blended, freeze for about an hour. Your dog will love these.

 Seasonal Melon Treats

Fresh plain Yogurt mixed with puréed watermelon or cantaloupe then frozen in a cube tray. These can be very refreshing on a hot summer day.

 Small Frozen treats

Frozen green beans, banana chunks, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and peach chunks are a quick treat. Please note, If you’re purchasing packaged frozen items, be sure to read the labels to ensure there is no added Xylitol.

Frozen Chicken Treats

Mixing chicken breasts pieces with either chicken broth or plain fresh yogurt in the food processor or blender then freezing it into cubes is a great way to treat your dog on a hot day.

 For more ideas on summer snacks try these two websites, Daily Paws and American Kennel Club . Enjoy!

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